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Tin electroplating - Galvano Hengelo

Tin electroplating

In the electrical/electronic-industry tin is widely used as contact material, next to good solderability and ductility tin provides corrosion resistance on copper rails, busbars and electrical components. On copper the electrodeposited tin coating is dense enough to prevent corrosion and maintain the good electrical properties and/or solderability of the copper. The corrosion resistance depends on the porosity of the coating. On steel tin is not fully dense and porosity may cause base metal corrosion. On copper alloys (with zinc) an undercoat of copper (or nickel) is also necessary to prevent diffusion of zinc in the tin-coating which will cause reduction of solderability and/or corrosion resistance.

In the case of electroplating of brass, a deterioration of the solderability will occur over time due to the diffusion of zinc in the tin layer. In order to counteract this effect, a barrier of 2 to 3 microns of copper or nickel must be applied under the tin for fine and / or critical contact with brass.

Properties of electrodeposited tin
Symbool Sn
Content > 98 %
Density 7,29 g/cm3
Melting point (appx.) 220 °C
Electrical conductivity 10,7 1/Ω
Electrical resistance 9,3 µΩ/cm
Hardness (semi-bright coating) 20 - 40 HV

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Base materials for tin electroplating: copper (alloys) and steel.

Maximum product dimensions:
Copper / Steel: LxWxH = 1300 x 300 x 900 mm.
Copper: also barrel plating

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