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Silver electroplating - Galvano Hengelo

Silver electroplating

Silver electroplating is widely applied in the electrical/electronic industry. Because of its outstanding electrical properties it is used as a coating for contacts and busbars in switchgear systems, a market in which Galvano Hengelo is specialized.

We know 2 different types of silver electroplating: regular and hard silver. In contacts usually one side is regular silver plated and the opposite side is hard silver plated to prevent wear. A difference of at least 25% in hardness reduces wear and gives longer lifetime. The hardness of electrodeposited silver is increased by alloying a small amount of antimony.

Properties of electrodeposited silver
Symbol Ag
Content Ag > 99 %
Content Sb (only in hard silver) < 0.5 %
Density 10,49 g/cm3
Melting point 962 °C
Electrical conductivity 62,5 1/Ω
Electrical resistance 1,6 µΩ/cm
Hardness regular silver 90 - 110 HV
Hardness hard silver > 125 HV
Maximum product dimensions:
Copper: LxWxH = 2100 x 400 x 1100 mm., also barrel plating
Aluminium: LxWxH = 1300 x 300 x 900 mm.

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Base materials for silver electroplating: copper (alloys) and aluminium.
On aluminium we apply an undercoat of 3 – 5 micron electroless nickel.

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