Environmental friendliness - Galvano Hengelo

The environment is important

The environmental policy that has a strong preventive character and aims for assessment and pollution-prevention off our environment, managing it and continuously reducing it if economically possible. This policy is based on a number of key issues:

  • Working according to the most energy-efficient method (participation Dutch Energy Efficiency Programs)
  • Meet the NeR (Dutch Emission Guideline)
  • Minimization of emissions to water
  • Prevention of emissions to the soil
  • Economical use of raw materials and auxiliary materials
  • Waste management according to preferred series (Prevention / Recycling / Processing)
  • Preventing risk and nuisance for the environment, policy (heavy) accidents

The goal of our QH&SE policy is: to fully meet the wishes and requirements of our stakeholders and to minimize the burdening on employees and the environment in all activities resulting from this!

Legal requirements and rules are a guideline and a minimum basis, these are supplemented with internal requirements. The internal procedures in the ALG section of this policy statement describe how our KAM policy is organized. The management is responsible for the correct compliance with the KAM care system. The manager is responsible for the management and implementation of the quality, working conditions and environmental system. He will, according to a set schedule, assess the implementation of the KAM system and the associated procedures and work instructions and report this to the management and organization on a regular basis. On the basis of this assessment, he will make recommendations to the management.

The management is convinced that all employees have understood the purpose of the KAM system and that they are capable of implementing the regulations that relate to their own area of work. All employees are instructed to comply with what is prescribed in this KAM manual and the associated procedures and work instructions. All new regulations and procedures are presented for this purpose upon release (commissioning) and explained in the work meeting.

The aim of the KAM policy is to deliver on our slogan, which results in adjustments to concrete objectives where necessary. These targets are hung in clearly visible places in the company and constantly monitored and evaluated via the internal consultation. An important part of the monitoring and control of the objectives and the organization takes place through the various forms of internal consultation. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that, if necessary, preventive and corrective measures are implemented. Testing and certification of our KAM system by a certification body (Lloyds) to the ISO9001 and ISO 14001 standard is an additional confirmation of compliance with all requirements.

The management makes every possible needs available to keep the KAM system up to date and to be able to implement the associated policy.